The Great Devourer

They came from outside of our galaxy – a predator from some distant, forsaken place. Part of a unknowable vast gestalt consciousness known as the Hive Mind, the Tyranids are bio-adapted monstrosities who endlessly travel the stars in search of biomass, consuming entire planets in order to grow and adapt, falling upon worlds in waves until nothing remains but ash and acid-scarred rock. They cannot be bargained with. They cannot be stopped. They are the Tyranids, and they will not cease until they have devoured the universe.

Tyranids offer you a seemingly endless horde of single-minded beasts and hulking monsters armed with claws, talons and bio-weapons. Tyranid armies are incredibly distinctive, using alien creatures where other armies might have tanks and planes! A vast range of models means your choice of tactics is up to you – maybe you’ll take an elite force of armoured, towering brutes, or perhaps a devastating line of bio-artillery backed up by nightmarish alien psykers. After all, to adapt is to survive!