Spray Paint

Street art is unofficial and independent visual art created in public locations for public visibility. Street art is associated with the terms "independent art", "post-graffiti", "neo-graffiti", and guerrilla art. 

Here at The Art Store, we know that Street Art is NOT a crime. Our local Street Artists are responsible for murals across the CNY area - in restaurants, banks, private residences and salons, as well as on sides of buildings in the historic Westcott neighborhood, and at The Gear Factory- a 65,000 sq ft building in Syracuse with a remarkable history, modern energy and a promising future. Located at the crossroads of several diverse neighborhoods, it houses studio spaces for artists and musicians as well as gloriously restored apartments and lavish common areas, as seen in photo above. 

We encourage everyone to re-examine their attitude towards "graffiti" and see it as a vibrant - and often stifled- voice of contemporary art.