Ecoline Watercolor Brush Pens

Talens Ecoline Brush Pens are available in 29 colors and a colorless blender. They dispense Ecoline paint, a vibrant and re-wettable watercolor which can be used on paper, board, or surfaces which have been prepared with watercolor ground. Because the inks are not highly lightfast, these pens are most useful for design work or for creating color sketches which will then be copied. Works of art created in Ecoline ink can be stored in a portfolio to maximise their color stability.

These brush pens are extremely versatile. Held vertically, they are capable of achieving extremely fine detail; held at a finer angle, so that the belly of the brush touches the paper, they are capable of making a thicker line. By varying the angle at which the brush tip meets the paper, and by trying the pressure at which the brush is applied, it is possible to create long and flowing lines of varying width.