Golden SoFlat Acrylics

Saturated color that dries to an even, glare-free surface!

SoFlat Matte Acrylic is a FABULOUS professional grade acrylic paint that is completely matte and self-leveling, leaving no brush strokes or ripples once dry. GOLDEN formulated SoFlat for the growing number of artists who want to create uniform, intensely pigmented fields of rich matte color in fewer paint layers. SoFlat artwork is easier to photograph and looks fantastic online. GOLDEN'S stringent paint quality requirements demand high pigment concentration and a creamy, fluid, dense paint consistency with optimal coverage power. With SoFlat paint, you can brush out a smooth, elegant, saturated field of color that dries to an even, shine-free surface! A revolutionary product by a revolutionary company!

Key Features:
  • Super opaque acrylic
  • Self-leveling- no visible brush strokes once dry
  • Available in 2, 4, and 16 oz. jars
  • Smooth, viscous, fluid consistency
  • Most colors are opaque in one or two coats
  • Glare-free once dry
  • 100% acrylic composition
  • Compatible with GOLDEN paints and mediums
Perfect For:
  • Acrylic painters of all levels
  • Creating large, graphic, matte artworks
  • Flat manufactured look once dry
  • Photographing glare-free artwork
  • Muralists, street artists, students
  • Applying with ease onto the palette or directly onto canvas