"The idea behind the development of PanPastel was to create a dry color medium that would work like a fluid paint!

We saw that the pastel medium hadn’t changed from the stick format for hundreds of years; and before that, going back thousands of years, humans had used raw pigments and earth to draw and paint.

So we decided to develop a material that retained the characteristics that make the pastel medium special—it’s directness and purity of color — but to make it function like a paint. After much experimentation in our art studio and laboratory, we developed the pan format.

The pan format changes everything! Making the colors function like a dry velvety paint. This brings many benefits, for example the artist can now mix pastel colors together for the first time.

We knew that pastelists would be immediately attracted to PanPastel as the colors offer many advantages for pastel painting. We also wanted to offer painters, who normally use wet colors (oils, acrylics etc), a dry medium that would deliver many of the same fluid paintable qualities that they are familiar with.

Our job was to develop the materials and make them available to artists, knowing that they would instinctively know how to use them in their work. We were right! Artists are taking PanPastel in so many exciting creative directions.

While the colors are used for traditional painting and drawing techniques, they are also being used for countless mixed media techniques."

Bernadette & Ladd
PanPastel Creators