Ampersand Art Panels

Made with conservator quality wood materials and sealing processes, no other panel on the market protects an artist’s work like an Ampersand panel.

Ampersand has developed the most advanced formula for sealing wood to ensure that the painting grounds and your artwork remain acid free over time. Every coated Museum Series panel is protected by their proprietary Archiva-Seal barrier technology that prevents support induced discoloration and makes Ampersand panels truly archival.

Only Ampersand uses Archiva-Seal technology for sealing wood correctly. Look for the Archiva-Seal logo on every coated Ampersand Museum Panel.

And only Ampersand uses true high density hardboard made from US-grown renewable and FSC Certified Aspen wood fibers. Ampersand brand Hardbord is made without formaldehyde or harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) unlike other hardboards and MDF boards.

Further, no one else constructs their cradle support frames using 13-ply birch plywood.

Ampersand's signature painting surfaces inspire great art in every medium from oils to watercolors. All Ampersand painting grounds are archival and non-yellowing.

Ampersand Museum Series panels are fully made and handcrafted in the USA. Ampersand guarantees that every panel will be of consistent quality from one painting to the next!