ArtGraf - Original Drawing Products



Drawing will never be the same

ArtGraf Nº1 is a soft graphite putty that allows the user to shape the drawing tool according to specific drawing needs.

Shape it into a large ball and make big coloured areas for big drawing or shape it into a smaller tool for greater control.

ArtGraf Nº1 can create a wide range of shades and colour contrast through the use of more or less material. Nº1 can be used directly from the package or mixed with water.



Extra-large handmade water-soluble graphite stick for big artistic interventions and large scale drawings

The graphite of 8B grade turns this rough object into a smooth drawing and painting instrument. The design of the ArtGraf XL had as its starting point the factory and the artisanal process used for the production of graphite leads. ArtGraf XL is an unique worldwide object whose artistic potential is totally unexplored and as such it establishes new frontiers to creativity.



ArtGraf graphite watercolour is a revolutionary product that totally changes the artist’s relationship with graphite.

Pencil painting is perhaps the best expression to define the artistic potential of this material, with which the user can obtain the full scale graphite shades, only with a brush and water.

Possible to apply on different surfaces, fast drying, but with great capacity of correction, the ArtGraf watercolours are ground-breaking products.



The ArtGraf Stick is a 9cm long, very soft, highly soluble watercolour graphite stick that allows you to achieve an extensive range of grey shades.

Perfect for traditional drawings with graphite, water to highlight details and create watercolour effects.