T'au Empire

For the Greater Good!

The T’au Empire are a recent contender in the great game of the 41st Millennium, rising among fallen empires and intergalactic predators through diplomacy, unity and a simply terrifying amount of firepower. Optimistic and forward-looking, they push the borders of their fledgling dominion ever forward with well-trained and superbly armed cadres made up of infantry, alien auxiliaries and super-advanced battlesuits. Woe betide those that see the T’au Empire as naive, for this young faction will stop at nothing to bring the “Greater Good” to the galaxy.

The T’au Empire offers nigh-unmatched shooting, boasting firepower few forces can dream of. T’au armies eschew the monsters, madmen and magi used by other armies, instead giving you access to towering battlesuits and bizarre alien auxiliaries. Maybe you’ll field a fast-moving strike force of rapid assault mechs, or create a defensive line of Fire Warriors capable of obliterating anyone who dares get close. T’au models have a high-tech aesthetic and super-modular kits that let you customise your battlesuits to meet any battlefield need – or just what you think looks the coolest!