Chaos Knights


Traitors to the Imperium they once defended, the Chaos Knights are a twisted mirror of the Imperial Knights, oathed now to the Ruinous Powers and rewarded with fell gifts. Persecuting war with regal contempt from their titanic war machines, the Chaos Knights are an elite and terrifying brethren who bring worlds to ruin for glory, for their gods, or simply to follow twisted and insane codes of dark chivalry.

Chaos Knights armies consist of only a few models – two or three of these titanic terrors are easily a match for entire armies of lesser troops. Every Chaos Knight in your force will have a colossal impact, whether it’s a charging Knight Rampager smashing aside ranks of enemy infantry or a fast-moving War Dog peppering the foe from afar. Collecting Chaos Knights allows you to lavish attention on each stunning individual model, making for a small but impactful collection of models that are fantastic allies in any other Chaos army as well as a standalone force.