Speedball Screen Printing, Beginner Craft Vinyl Kit

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The Speedball Beginner Craft Vinyl Kit allows those who have vinyl cutters to harness the power of screen printing. To use, cut your design into the included vinyl, apply the image to your screen, block the edges with screen filler, remove the vinyl, and print! The vinyl design is reusable for multiple projects. Vinyl can also be used with photo emulsion, just apply your design once your emulsion is dry and expose it.


  • Create reusable vinyl designs to make crisp, clean prints
  • Can be used with both screen filler and photo emulsion printing methods
  • Vinyl cutting tools are not included
  • Includes a Speedball Red Baron Squeegee, a 10” x 14” Wood Frame & Mesh, a 4oz jar of black Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink, 3 sheets of Craft Vinyl, 3 sheets of Transfer Tape, 1 Sheet of Bienfang Parchment Paper, a Craft Stick, and Instructions
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