What's the Difference...?

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What's the Difference...?

Colored pencils are a popular medium for artists and enthusiasts alike, and here at The Art Store we carry quite a few different brands. Two of the most well-known are Albrecht Durer by Faber-Castell and Polychromos, also by Faber-Castell. Both of these lines are known for their high quality and wide range of colors, but they do have some differences.


Albrecht Durer colored pencils are named after the famous German watercolorist and printmaker of the Renaissance era. These pencils have a water-soluble lead that allows artists to create beautiful watercolor effects when combined with a wet brush. Albrecht Durer pencils are also known for their vibrant colors, lightfastness, and their ability to blend smoothly. These features make them a popular choice for artists who enjoy creating detailed illustrations and realistic portraits.


Polychromos pencils, on the other hand, are oil-based and offer a different set of benefits. They are known for their excellent lightfastness, which means that the colors will remain bright and vivid for centuries without fading. They are also highly pigmented and have a buttery texture that allows for smooth blending and layering. Polychromos pencils are often preferred by artists who want to create rich, vibrant color schemes and who work with a wide variety of subjects.


When deciding which of these lines to choose, it's important to consider your specific needs and preferences. If you're looking to create watercolor effects, Albrecht Durer may be the better option. If you're looking for a buttery texture and strong, vibrant colors, Polychromos may be the way to go.


Keep in mind: You can use BOTH. Do your underdrawing in Albrecht Durer, and once it’s dry- move in with your Polychromos! A layered effect gives your colored pencil pieces a mixed media dimensionality. The colors from Polychromos and Albrecht Durer (both have 121 colors in the lineup) are identical and correspond to the same number in the Faber-Castell Color Matching System.


Ultimately, both of these lines offer high-quality products that are well-respected in the art community, and both are extremely popular here at The Art Store!


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