The Festival of Acrylic!

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The Festival of Acrylic!

This week, we're diving deep into the world of acrylic painting and showing you how to achieve stunning textures and effects by combining various forms of acrylic paint. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, these techniques will add a new dimension to your creations. Let's get started!


SoFlat Acrylic by Golden: Velvety Matte Opacity

Golden SoFlat Acrylic is a versatile product that combines the best of acrylic paint and acrylic gouache. Its opaque, totally matte, velvety texture allows for precise detailing and vibrant color application. Mix it  with a touch of water to achieve a creamy consistency that flows effortlessly onto your canvas. Use it for fine lines, intricate details, and flat areas of color that really pop! Self-leveling means your brushstrokes will VANISH – leaving behind vibrant results.


Acrylic Ink: Fluid Brilliance

Acrylic ink is perfect for achieving fluid, vibrant effects in your paintings. With its high pigment concentration and thin consistency, it's excellent for creating translucent layers, gradients, and captivating watercolor-like effects. Try applying acrylic ink with a brush, dropper, or even by pouring it onto your canvas for a breathtaking interplay of colors and shapes. Or use it with a dip pen for extra fine details!


Acrylic Heavy Body: Impasto and Texture

Acrylic heavy body paint is your go-to for adding dimension and texture to your artwork. With its thick consistency, it holds brushstrokes beautifully and can be sculpted with palette knives for impasto techniques. Layer it on to create captivating textures that play with light and shadow, bringing your paintings to life.


Experimenting with Combinations

Now, let's take it up a notch! Combine these acrylic forms in your painting to achieve stunning visual effects. Try layering acrylic ink over heavy body paint to create a mesmerizing contrast between fluid washes and textured strokes. Or use acrylic gouache for intricate details on top of a SoFlat background, adding depth and interest.


Remember, every stroke you make is a step toward mastering your own artistic language. Embrace the versatility of acrylic paint – in all its forms- to create pieces that reflect your unique vision and style.


Curious to try more? Check out our CLASSES and get into one that’s right for you!

In the meantime, Stay colorful and creative!


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