January Artist of the Month: Michelle Roberts

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January Artist of the Month: Michelle Roberts

A Journey into the World of Art: Our January Artist of the Month- Michelle Roberts

From a young age, Michelle found solace and inspiration in the world of art. Drawing, painting, and creating became her means of discovering peace and expansion in life. With a background in both Fine Arts (BFA) and Applied Arts and Sciences (AAS), Michelle embarked on a career in design. Her journey has taken her through various creative realms, from product and logo design to illustration, advertising, marketing, and branding.

Twelve years ago, Michelle founded her own business, Novus - Be Known, Inc., where she collaborated with numerous businesses and gained national recognition with Hallmark for her handmade product, Messenger Birds.

However, the challenges of burnout in the post-COVID world led Michelle to a rediscovery of her roots and a renewed focus on traditional art. Her current artistic journey involves creating paintings for people's homes. Through her art, Michelle is connecting them with nature- and themselves.

Motivation and Inspiration: 

Michelle's motivation as an artist stems from a deep appreciation for nature, a desire for connection, and a love for familiarity. Her work often reflects tonalism and the impressionist style, with a focus on captivating the viewer and evoking profound emotions.

The Creative Process Unveiled: 

Michelle's creative process starts with a thoughtful design, clarifying the vision she aims to convey. From sketches to the canvas, she emphasizes blocking out shapes and infusing thick textures, especially in areas that demand attention. Her love for working on a larger scale allows her to bring luminosity to her paintings through light.

The Evolution of A Style: 

Describing her style as impressionistic, Michelle embraces a sense of looseness while maintaining a classic touch. Over the years, her style has evolved, influenced by a diverse array of artists, both historical and contemporary.

Sparks of Creativity: 

When asked where she draws her creativity from, Michelle's answer is simple, but multi-layered: "Nature, Upstate New York, Barns, People's expressions, Trees, Mountains, New England and more recently coastal scenes." Sounds heavenly! 

Rituals for Inspiration: 

To overcome artistic blocks, Michelle turns to nature or visits museums. Even looking at her favorite artists' paintings helps reignite her creative mindset.

The Preferred Working Environment: 

Michelle enjoys listening to music, particularly old jazz or country, depending on her mood. She has a studio at The Delevan, and enjoys bringing people there to see her art in person! 

Looking Ahead:

Michelle has exciting projects on the horizon. She will be the visiting artist for the month of March at Cazenovia Artisans, with an opening reception on March 2nd. Keep an eye out for details on a spring open house at the Delavan in May. To stay updated on her exhibitions and artwork, visit her website:  www.michellemroberts.com  and make sure to sign up for her newsletter! 

Advice for Aspiring Artists:

Michelle's advice to aspiring artists is simple: "Play, play, and play. Don't be afraid to do something you've never done. It can lead to great art and new ways of doing more of what you love." 


Thank You Michelle! 

Get in here before the end of the month to take a look at Michelle's dreamy paintings!


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