Art Store Alert: New da Vinci Brushes Just Arrived!

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Art Store Alert: New da Vinci Brushes Just Arrived!

The Art Store, a haven for creative enthusiasts, is thrilled to announce a vibrant addition to its collection with the introduction of new styles of da Vinci Brushes. Renowned for their unparalleled quality and precision, da Vinci Brushes have long been the choice of artists seeking to elevate their craft. The latest offerings include the dynamic Impasto brush, the sophisticated Grigio, and the innovative Chuneo series. Each brush is a testament to da Vinci's commitment to artistic excellence, promising to inspire and empower creators in their expressive journey. Dive into the world of artistic possibilities as we explore the distinctive features and applications of these remarkable brushes in this blog post!

Embark on a vibrant artistic journey with da Vinci Chuneo brushes that promise to elevate your creativity to new heights! The high-quality synthetic brushes, inspired by authentic Chinese Chungking bristles, offer a dazzling performance in both oil and acrylic painting. Crafted with nearly indestructible fibers, these brushes maintain their shape effortlessly, making them perfect for thicker colors and rough surfaces. The polished handles, adorned with striking black ends, add an extra touch of elegance to your artistic toolkit. Cleaning is a breeze, giving you a practical advantage over natural bristles. With da Vinci's Chuneo brushes, synthetic bristles mimic natural fibers, ensuring a stylish and comfortable painting experience. Strong and flexible, these brushes boast polished handles with silver ferrules make a stylish statement!




Enter the world of DaVinci's GRIGIO brushes, where the blend of slightly varying textured fibers captivate artists seeking maximum color holding capacity. Perfect for subtle oil painting and diverse acrylic techniques, these brushes are a masterpiece in their own right. The bordeaux-colored, esagonal handles add a touch of sophistication to your creative endeavors. Transition seamlessly with DaVinci's Grigio brushes, ideal for thick paints and heavy-handed strokes, they are perfect for artists practicing classic techniques, or more contemporary applications- even mixed media! With Grigio in hand, your artistic expression knows no bounds, as you paint joy and creativity onto the canvas!




Indulge in the joy of creating with da Vinci's Impasto brushes, where artistic innovation meets vibrant expression! Crafted from robust white synthetic bristles, these brushes are a delight for applying rich layers of thick acrylic paint on your chosen surface. Dive into a world of texture and creativity as the extra-strong fibers prove ideal for working with special effect additives, gels, and mediums, allowing you to add captivating depth and dimension to your masterpiece. The long, sleek handles, adorned in a cheerful shade of blue and polished to perfection, boast a flattened grip that ensures not only precision but also comfort in every stroke. Paired with silver ferrules, these brushes become your artistic companions, turning your creative process into a delightful journey of color and form. Let the magic of da Vinci Impasto brushes amplify your artistic endeavors with boundless joy and endless possibilities!


We hope you'll join us on Saturday 2.10.24 for 'Brush University' with da Vinci Brushes! Explore these new arrivals- and more! 


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