Sennelier Abstract Acrylic, Red Orange 120ml

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Sennelier Abstract acrylics are high-quality, opaque, heavy body artist’s acrylics presented in a convenient, innovative pouch format designed to withstand high pressure and keep air out. Abstract Acrylic is thick and smooth and can be applied with a brush or palette knife with ease. The pouch format ensures a convenient, easy way to travel your paint without the risk of spillage and allows the paint to be used completely.


  • Highly pigmented heavy body acrylic paint in a convenient pouch format that keeps air out and allows you to use 100% of the paint
  • Extremely durable pouch is made to withstand high pressure even when accidentally stepped on, allowing you to travel paint without leakage
  • Exhibits no color change from wet to dry, so what you see in the pouch is what the color remains when dry
  • Available in 60 outstanding colors in 120ml bags
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