Faber-Castell Pitt® Natural Willow Charcoal Set of 20 Sticks

Article number: FC129198-AS
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Natural willow charcoal sticks are produced from willow branches scorched without air access. Natural charcoal is the oldest sketching and drawing material in the world. Ideal for sketching, it glides softly across the paper, rubs and smudges easily, can be erased without difficulty and repeatedly overlaid. Sticks are cut to 4 ½" in length and vary in width. 


  • Natural charcoal sticks(3-6mm) 
  • Provides a greyish-blue shade 
  • Grease- and oil-free 
  • Available in 4 sticks(3-16mm), 6 sticks(6-11mm), 12 sticks(5-8mm), and 24 sticks(3-6mm) 
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