Jack Richeson Semi-Moist Metallic Watercolors, Set of 12

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Jack Richeson Semi-Moist Metallic Watercolors are highly pigmented, long-lasting metallic watercolors that are bright and luminous. They wet easily, apply smoothly, are exceptionally concentrated and clean up easily with water. Easy to organize and store, these paints are most ideal for distribution and collection in the classroom.


  • Reflective, semi-moist, semi-transparent metallic watercolors
  • Highly pigmented and easily activated with water and a brush
  • Packaged in a plastic case with a built-in mixing palette on the inside of the lid
  • Includes 1 round synthetic paintbrush and 12 colors – Pewter, Mirror, Yellow, Gold, Gold Deep, Copper, Green, Light Green, Blue, Pink, Orchid, and Red
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