Alumicolor L2R 4-Bevel Scale, 12”

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Alumicolor L2R 4-Bevel Scales are architecture scales that are designed to be read only from left to right, making them easier to use. Each of the 4 edges has a different measurement scale to fit the needed ratio. Easily scale up or scale down to add detail in your technical drawing. The solid construction of extruded aluminum makes for a durable scale and photo anodized calibrations resist wear or removal with solvents. 


  • 12” L2R 4-Bevel scale
  • Used for creating and reading both architecture drawings and civil engineer drawings
  • Made of extruded aluminum with photo anodized calibration markings
  • Includes 4 calibrations across 4 sides – 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4
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