Iwata Air Hose, 10' Braided Nylon, ¼” to Iwata Fittings

Article number: BT010-AS
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Iwata strives for perfection in all aspects of your airbrush setup. This 10’ air hose is made with a premium grade PVC material and protected with a tightly woven, colorful nylon cover. This hose is intended to keep the air cool. The included fittings feature O-rings that form leak-proof seals when attached.


  • A 10’ air hose made from premium grade PVC material intended to keep air cool
  • Features a tightly woven, colorful nylon cover
  • Fittings feature leak-proof O-rings
  • Includes one 10’ braided hose, one Iwata Airbrush fitting, and one ¼” compressor fitting
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