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Introducing Sara's Sakura Box, a meticulously curated collection of art supplies sourced directly from The Land of the Rising Sun. Crafted with the expertise and passion of Eastern Mixed Media Artist Sara Stedner, this exquisite box is designed to ignite creativity and inspire artists to embark on a journey of expression and beauty.


Each Sakura Box is a treasure trove of carefully selected tools and materials, handpicked to infuse your artistic endeavors with the essence of Japan's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. From the delicate cherry blossoms adorning the box to the meticulously chosen contents within, every detail is a testament to Sara's dedication to providing artists with the finest resources for their craft.


Within Sara's Sakura Box, you'll discover an array of premium art supplies that reflect the traditions and innovation of Japanese artistry. Unleash your creativity with high-quality paints, brushes, papers, and specialty materials that have been cherished by generations of artists in Japan. From gouache to traditional washi paper, each item is chosen for its ability to evoke the spirit of Japanese art while offering endless possibilities for exploration and expression. 


Set Contains:

  • COPIC Sketch Markers in RV00 Water Lily, RV23 Pure Pink, YG03 Yellow Green, and Y00 Barium Yellow
  • COPIC Black Multiliner in 0.05mm and 1.0mm 
  • 1 Finetec Pearlescent Watercolor in Royal Gold
  • 1 tube of Holbein Artist's Watercolor in Shell Pink, 15ml 
  • 1 Pentel Sparkle Pop pen in Gold
  • 1 Hot Press Block of Speedball Fluid Watercolor Paper (15 sheets) 
  • 1 Holbein Acryla Gouache in Chinese White
  • W.A. Portman Pencils in HB, H, and 2H
  • 1 Maneki Welcome Cat Eraser
  • Assorted 6" x 6" Paper Squares by Aitoh
  • 1 Holbein Designer Gouache in Wakiba Green 15ml
  • Assorted Samples of Stillman + Birn Mixed Media papers
  • 1 da Vinci Round Brush in Size 6 from the Colineo Collection
  • 1 Aitoh Shikishi Board 
  • 1 Jack Richeson Watercolor Palette 
  • Also included are various stickers in Kawaii-inspired styles and 1 Art Store official sticker



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