Raiders of Realspace

Sundered from the Aeldari in the harrowing events of the Fall, the Drukhari are sadistic corsairs for whom the universe is merely a plaything. Sustaining themselves through the suffering of living beings, Drukhari warbands strike forth from the hidden city of Commorragh in search of slaves, plunder, sport, and the chance to influence the Dark City’s labyrinthine and deadly politics. Murderous, swift, and utterly without mercy, they have been the ruin of countless worlds.

Drukhari armies are fast, lightly armoured raiding parties. Poison-slinging Kabalites mounted in incredibly fast transports offer fire support to gladiatorial Wyches and the hulking nightmares Haemonculus Covens, alongside esoteric and terrifying units like shadow-lurking Mandrakes and winged Scourges. Drukhari armies exchange durability for raw speed and attack power, allowing you to slay enemies before they’ve even had a chance to react. For hobbyists, you’ll have a stunning, diverse range of models to play with, paint, and convert – after all, as every Archon knows, variety (and suffering!) is the spice of life.