Arrogance. Elegance. Firepower.

The craftworlds are great planet ships that sail the stars, bearing with them the remnants of the once-glorious Aeldari empire. Battered, broken but still unbowed, the craftworlders live lives of ruthless discipline and asceticism, mastering arts both aesthetic and martial over millennia-spanning lifespans. When roused to war, they shred their enemies with contemptuous fusillades backed up by the blades of carefully trained Aspect Warriors and the guns of swift grav-tanks and skimmers.

Craftworlds armies are highly focused warhosts where every unit fulfils a specific role, each utterly deadly when used in its proper place. Excelling at mid-range, these forces use speed to dictate the pace of battle, keeping their shooting units just out of reach while melee specialists cause carnage on the front lines. Collecting such a force offers the chance to paint and play with a huge variety of models, with incredible colour schemes to choose from and a diverse spread of Aspect Warriors, wraith constructs, and more to demonstrate your skills.