Excel Cutting Blades

Quality tools are the essence of any project- whether that be crafting, car wrapping or wood working. We at Excel Blades know that the tool market is flooded with products claiming to be high quality. We did not want to go down the same path that many other tool companies do – mass produced with no regard for the artists using the products. We have spent years talking to and working with customers and consumers about what they look for in their tools. Our founder, Mike Hammam, understood the importance of communication with customers, and maintaining a certain standard of quality. After 30 years, this has not wavered, and our focus is sharper than ever. Through the power of social media, we have conversations daily with our followers. We learn what consumers love, what they need, and what we need to improve. Our constant engagement allows us to evolve with the industries we serve. We are always available to our customers through mail, phone, or through social media @excelblades and we urge you to be a part of that conversation.