Jacquard Lumiere 3D

Jacquard Lumiere 3D is a dimensional metallic paint and adhesive, based on the popular "Lumiere" line. This dimensional paint is PERFECT for embellishment, writing, and decorating! Lumiere 3D can be used directly from the bottle, OR with the addition of the fine line tips. Lumiere 3D comes in 25 colors- including CLEAR. Lumiere 3D doubles as a super strong fabric glue, and works well on light and dark surfaces. This is a pearlescent, metallic paint that works well as a bead glue, and will also firmly attach "jewels and embellishments" on most surfaces. Works on most substrates: wood, glass (works well as a LINER for stained glass effects) stone, paper, polymer clay, and fabric. It is completely washable after allowing the piece to dry for 72 hours. The true color develops when dry! Lumiere 3D is great on T-shirts, greeting cards, scrapbooks, fabric, ribbon, leather, gourds, shoes, cell phones, and much more!