The Threat Within

Genestealers are the pioneers of Tyranid invasions, infecting human cultures and, over generations, turning them into mutant insurrectionists known as the Genestealer Cults. Blessed with alien cunning and strange “gifts”, these worshippers of the Tyranids bring entire worlds down from within, turning the implements they once used to build the Imperium to its ultimate ruin in carefully planned insurrections that see even the military might of the Astra Militarum humbled.

Genestealer Cult forces let you take command of an insurrection, combining a scrappy, rugged array of civilian vehicles and weapons with nifty alien tricks. Capable of pouncing on enemies from anywhere in hit-and-run attacks, Genestealer Cult armies boast versatile infantry and terrifying close-combat brutes. Rewarding to careful planners, Genestealer Cults allow you to punch way above your weight through sheer cunning, while for painters and collectors, the army offers a glimpse at the “ordinary” civilians of the 41st Millennium – give or take a few arms…